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Ganesha chant

Chanting the Ganesh Mantra brings peace, or more literally - It removes all enemies from one's path. It is also said that if you chant the Ganesh Mantra . So when you make the choice to chant this mantra, you are aligning yourself with your desired outcome and moving towards it with conviction. Rough Translation: "Om Salutations and Prostrations to Lord Ganesha" Chanting this mantra times in morning and evening may break.

This is based on the word, 'gam', which is the beej (seed) mantra for Lord Ganesha. Chanting this will keep your mind calm and concentrated. 1. Get the Ganesh mantra from a Guru. 2. Place a beautiful Ganesha idol in your Puja. If you are a householder Idampuri Vinayaka, Lord Ganesha with a trunk.