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Borland together uml

Micro Focus Together (formerly Borland Together) is a visual modeling tool that in Micro Focus Together incorporate Unified Modeling Language (UML) for. Together is a product from Borland, formerly from TogetherSoft (acquired by Borland in ), that currently integrates a Java IDE, which originally had its roots in JBuilder, with a UML modeling tool. The Together Architect perspective is central to designing projects in UML and creating source code for your project. Note that a key feature of.

Borland Together Borland Together Modeling Guide .. UML Composite Structure Diagram Definition. UML Collaboration Diagram Definition. And one tool designed to take advantage of this interest in UML is Borland Together for Microsoft Visual Borland Together comes. Borland's free Together Designer Community Edition features premier UML 2 support, including: * UML and UML diagramming;.

It is tool with design driven for modeling applications. Borland Together is leverages with some features like UML , OCL, quality assurance audits. It is also. At the center of the UML are its nine kinds of modeling diagrams, which we . using Borland Together ControlCenter, which is the premier UML. Borland's Together Designer Community Edition modeling tool features premier UML 2 support, including: UML and UML diagramming;. EA vs Borland Together. A few days ago I installed the Borland Togther Designer Trial EA can model things outside UML, such as the UI.