Seborga mmd model download

Seborga mmd model

Plus I studied nachi's Italy and tried to make Seborga's curl make the little heart and frazzle things his The parts I made you can use for your your own edits and can redistribute them on other models MMD by imania He's oh so shiny! I think he turned out well. Necklace: Mme: Diffusion, SSAO lite. Original model by Nachi Akira It MMD x APH Seborga. The hair is bad, the color is bad, you're just a fake Seborga.. or just a simple Italian in green, right? ((Admin: he is always rude.)) Reply.

MMDモデル配布あり (MMD model distribution); APヘタリアMMD bowlroll ( APHetaliaMMD bowlroll); APヘタリアMMD. In other words, just me procrastinating from questions I need to answer.)) Models - Nachi Akira Seborga edit -The Admin Posing - The Admin. Seborga edit - The Admin Original model - Nachi Akira Ducky - askaryphotographyawards.comtart .com/art/DOWN Stage - amiamy Posing - The Admin.