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26 year diary

26 Years Diary. 26 Years Diary (Japanese: あなたを忘れない Anata wo Wasurenai; Korean: 너를 잊지 않을거야 Neoreul Ijji Nanheulgeoya; literally "I Won't Forget You") is a biopic that tells the story of Lee Su-hyon's life and death. 24 Feb - 2 min - Uploaded by timpower "26 Years Diary" portrays a life full of passion and love and music of Su-Hyun Yee, a young. Movie: 26 Years Diary; Romaji: Anata wo Wasurenai; Japanese: あなたを忘れない ; Korean: 너를 잊지 않을 거야; Director: Junji Hanado; Writer: Junji Hanado.

26 years Diary. (c)"26 years Diary" Project / WJ Co., Ltd. (c)"26 years Diary" Project / WJ Co., Ltd. 26 Years Diary (Japan Movie); あなたを忘れない; Anata wo wasurenai; 너를 잊지 않을 거야; 26 Year Diary;; Su Hyon travels from Korea to broaden his. Anata wo wasurenai (26 Years Diary) (I Won't Forget You) ().

jonniboipnoi 11 years ago. The writing looks Japanese to me. sillyluvsU 11 years ago. ya i totally agree wit u mauvaisgars 11 years ago. 26 Years Diary (Korean Movie - ) - 너를 잊지 않을거야, aka あなたを忘れない, We Won't Forget You, find 26 Years Diary (너를 잊지 않을.