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Birds and bees

The Birds and the Bees" is an English-language idiomatic expression and euphemism that refers to courtship and sexual intercourse. The "Birds and the Bees. "Look at all the birds and the bees!" 2. "Son, you are coming of age now, and, well, um, I think we need to have 'The Talk.' You know, about the birds and the. According to tradition, the birds and the bees is a metaphorical story sometimes told to children in an attempt to explain the mechanics and consequence of.

What's the meaning of the phrase 'The birds and the bees'?. A phrase that refers to coy explanations of basic information about sex and reproduction to children. You may be nervous before talking about the birds and the bees with your kids. With the origin and tips, you will get this tough job covered with no efforts!. The phrase "the birds and the bees" is a metaphor for explaining the mechanics of reproduction to younger children, relying on imagery of bees.

Carefully planning and discussing the birds and the bees with your child will make them more confident and informed about sex, reproduction. An Age-by-Age Guide to Teaching Kids About "The Birds & The Bees" some tips and talking points for explaining "the birds and the bees" to kids of all ages. A euphemism for sex education, especially when taught informally. For example, It's time Father told the children about the birds and the bees. Cole Porter.